United States: The Center Disappears

29 Sep 2018



Since President Trump took office, American politics gradually steered away from the center and ran deeper into the extremes of the political spectrum. With the November 2018 midterm elections just a month away, it is unlikely that this pull to the extreme will change. This is because the midterms represent a transcendental opportunity for both parties. For Democrats, the elections are a chance to retake the House and Senate and rebuke the administration’s hostile policies towards climate change, trade, immigration, women’s rights, and healthcare. To that end, Democratic voters have rallied around more “progressive” candidates such as Beto O'Rourke from Texas and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York. Republicans, in turn, need to hold on to power at all costs.. The midterms are a test of how well the party has assimilated Trumpism and how much more it can endure it before the party splits between those in the Trumpism and the moderate camps. As a result, in the campaign trail Republicans have ditched moderate themes for more extreme themes like immigration and crime to fire up the voter base. While the centre might be slowly fading away, it is important for all Americans, no matter their politics, to go out and vote in November.


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