World: Transparent Secrecy

23 Jul 2017


Image credit: Marton Tordai 


In modern, cosmopolitan societies, a prime indicator of being well-rounded is staying up-to-date with the news. Touching upon the latest developments is a central element of “sophisticated” conversations. Another driver of ballooning media consumption is of course the genuine curiosity of those who want or need to be informed for their work. However, what makes it to the press is only a fraction of reality. Reports of important events are carefully crafted for public release. The media is cautiously barred from key moments in the field and negotiating rooms. This is understandable—government processes and business deals must not be fully leaked to preserve their integrity and potential. Not to mention confidential information which, if published, can do more harm than the benefit of transparency. The result is that even if following ‘Breaking News’ one never arrives at the core of the issue. Reading the news certainly cannot hurt—but is it substantially informative?

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