Word: Ivory Tower

16 Jul 2017



Image credit: The Intelligence Brief 


Academia is growing ever more detached from reality. Academic debates revolve around nuances, accumulating literature of debate series between scholars rather than significant, innovative scientific contributions. Academia has become an isolated bubble, producing material for its own pleasure. Instead of solving real-life problems or gaining skills and experience for their careers, ambitious students spend their school years with theoretical research of no other use than developing their own reading and writing skills. Today, the time and talent of young people should be better used in the real world, especially in the field of Social Sciences. Essays should aim to resolve conflict, hunger, poverty, or climate change instead of critically engaging with the academic literature. Education should also prepare students for working life with adequate human capital. The significant shift needed in education can only come from policy, urging universities to focus on practical skills and policy-relevant problem-solving. But does intervention for the sake of policy fall in line with a free and independent academia?



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